August 23, 2018
The motivation for Donald Kerry Frey to establish Nova Tribune was based on what he witnessed who it came to information consumption. He noticed there was plenty of news, but that it all suffered from a relative lack of information quality, especially when it came to fairness. Donald noticed that every traditional news site took an approach to the news that leaned to either one side or the other, so he felt it necessary to create a site that presents the news from the perspective of all sides of every issue and argument. The Nova Tribune provides an alternative that informs news consumers with articles that reflect a great many fields and interests in a way that likely includes their viewpoint.

Because Donald Kerry Frey is an experienced tech entrepreneur who has always possessed a desire to know more about the delivery and consumption of all types of information, the Nova Tribune site is bound to be successful. Donald will continue to discover the best ways to make people smarter and more informed, and he hopes his news and information Nova Tribune ( website will be a major player in the long run.